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Tailoring a safari. How do I get started?

Tailoring is a process that starts by filling in your details, points of interest, schedule and budget on the form below.

Points of interest can be places that you are already familiar with, places you might want to learn about or that you think will be important to you on your safari. For example some client are mainly interested in seeing as much wildlife as possible, while other would like some time at the beach or activities to be included.

After reviewing your filled out forms, we will communicate with you about any details that may be missing or need more carification. We reply to your mail, either by a draft or a note where we ask more details. Tailoring a perfect safari is team work, where we make adjustments according to your feedback. When your wishes and budget meet our offer, your experience is ready.

You do not need to have previous experience in Africa to get yourself a quality trip. With our knowledge and expertise you will have a safe and memorable safari.

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