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About us

Simba Experience is an international tour company that specialises in Africa. Our offices are located in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi. We are also officially registered and fully bonded tour operator in Finland, which assists us with the clients outside of Africa.

All of our staff are African experts, either born in Africa or worked and lived there for a long time. In essence, we are welcoming you to our home! All the safaris are done with our own Simba staff or a close partner. We only work with the best and take much pride in giving our clients quality service.

After years of experience, we have chosen to offer options to the loaded tour busses and big groups without going crazy with prices. It became clear to us that we want to create a budget friendly, intimate and private experience, where one can enjoy Africa with the least amount of distraction as possible.

Each experience is created according to our clients wishes and liking. This is easy for us, since the planning and final execution on site is done by the same company.

We do have many example packages that you can choose from or use to get an idea of what we have to offer. Usually we start from an existing package of a client’s choice and modify it to match their wishes.

Three things must be taken into account when planning your safari; length, program and budget. By adjusting these elements, we are able to tailor make a very special experience just for you!

Welcome to Africa!